[lovers] Prostituí as palavras para te amar uma vez mais

Variable dimensions

Light installation


[lovers] Prostituí as palavras para te amar uma vez mais is an installation project with four light boxes, each displaying text engraved by the imprint of an inkless typewriter.
Within this ecosystem, these letters, legible and unreadable text, straight and inverse, contaminate the translucent space of the paper. Each light box establishes a dialog with the other, through an – almost – endless silenced sound cable connecting and tangling them.
In this microcosm, where intimacy contaminates public space without assuming itself as an attack on integrity or privacy, the morality of words is measured by what is exposed, revealing, and what is exposed, without revealing.

Light is an aura that animates the bodies, and the word breaks the immortality of its writing in the stone, embraces the luminous serenity, constituting itself as light, as wound, as a body thrusting the body. Words exist as dialogue and as an accessible denunciation of inaccessibility.

Through the essential and poetic value of language, duplicity coincides precariousness, with non-integrity and with poverty of a sexualized and functional word.

Filipa Cruz
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