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Objects and Poetry are the focus of my creative proposal. My artworks are poetical objects, shapes, and narratives, metaphorically emulating human relationships full of passion, love, and unfulfilled desire. Regardless of their differences, I put them in conflict and dialogue throughout the process and result.
My practice is a fertile, marshy, and malleable landscape in which I investigate [i]materiality, [in]visibility, and emptiness in mismatches and imagination. All the created compositions and stories are incomplete and explore their inaccessible, misunderstood, and hazy features.
I emphasize the importance of stories imprinted and expressed in various media such as sculpture, installation, and artist books in the atomization of time. As a result, I propose poetical projects conceived as matter and narrative, implying a flow of bodies, objects, and words. These sculptural images begin with a desire to share an implicit story in which disappearance, inadequacy, and ephemerality define them. I propose an "Epoché" as a positive frame of mind. I use creative restraint procedures such as erasure to achieve illegibility, invisibility, and inaccessibility. The lyrical and sensorial objects that result are the byproducts of these processes.


Artist, poet and academic scholar, Filipa Sofia Correia de Carvalho eCruz (b. 1990) works in sculpture, aesthetics and literature. She has a PhDfrom the Fine Arts University of Porto, a Master's degree from the Beaux-Artsde Paris and a postgraduate degree from Panthéon-Sorbonne. She exhibitsregularly in Portugal, France and Italy. She is Assistant Professor at theFaculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP) and has taught in Parisfor almost a decade. She is the Chief Editor of HUB — Journal of Research inArt, Design and Society ( She has participated inmore than 30 international conferences as a speaker and reviewer and hassupervised more than 30 Master's and PhD theses. She has taken part in morethan 60 Master's Degree Defense Juries. Filipa de Carvalho e Cruz ( has outlined five propositions that organize herartistic-scientific research: Eros and Anteros; Ruin; Desire and Will;Intertextuality; Ingenuity and Fiction. The invocation of Love permeates theentirety of her literary and sculptural cosmos.


Artista plástica, poeta, professora e investigadora, Filipa Sofia Correia de Carvalho e Cruz (n. 1990) actua no campo da Escultura, da Estética e da Literatura. Doutorada pelas Belas Artes do Porto, é Mestre pelas Beaux‑Arts de Paris e Pós‑Graduada pela Panthéon‑Sorbonne. Expõe regularmente em Portugal, França e Itália. É Professora Auxiliar na FBAUP e conta com quase uma década de leccionação em Paris. É Editora-Chefe do HUB – ­Journal of Research in Art, Design and Society ( Participou em mais de 30 conferências internacionais como Oradora e Revisora e orientou mais de 30 Teses Académicas de Mestrado e de Doutoramento. Participou em mais de 60 Júris de Defesas de Provas de Mestrado. Filipa de Carvalho e Cruz ( elenca 5 proposições que organizam a sua investigação artístico-científica: Eros-Anteros; Ruína; Desejo-Vontade; Intertextualidade; Engenho-Ficção. O seu cosmos literário e escultórico invoca, fundamentalmente, o Amor.

Professional Affiliations

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
i2ADS – Research Institute of Art, Design and Society
Paris College of Art
Paris College of Art


Assistant Professor
Integrated Researcher
Transdisciplinary New Media Coordinator
Adjunct Faculty

Filipa Cruz
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